John's Tonic

John's Tonic

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A message from John:

Hello and welcome, thank you for visiting my site.  I would like you to ask yourself, why are you here today? Why do you order top shelf Vodka or Gin instead of rot gut swill from the well?  We both know the answer, TASTE! Here is the alternative to elusive bottled Premium Tonic Water. Gin and Tonic was one of the first drinks I ever ordered out, and from that moment on it has been my drink of choice.  I loved to try new Gins but never thought about the other main component, the tonic water.  Should the tonic be as, if not more important than the alcohol?  Why pay top $ for a premium liquor only to mix it with flavored corn syrup!  Since 2008 I have served this recipe at Tuck Shop, the restaurant I run here in Phoenix Arizona, with tremendous response.  Packaged as a syrup to eliminate high postage and product going flat, all you add is soda water.  While my product is in no way cheap, I feel after your first glass you will understand that just like a premium alcohol, you get what you pay for.  Enjoy the pleasure of a handcrafted, small batch product, without all the hassle.  


John C