14K Gold Accent Pitcher
14K Gold Accent Pitcher

14K Gold Accent Pitcher

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These stunning Gold Accent Handle-less Pitchers will make the perfect addition to your kitchen. Beautiful for serving your favorite beverage, or holding that perfect floral arrangement - these are sure to bring color and joy into your home. Each Pitcher features a dainty pouring spout, hand painted 14K gold accents, and a sleek design.  The Pitchers are available with interior colors of Quartz, Aqua, Dove, or all white.

All exteriors are glazed with clear glaze, showing the beautiful, off-white clay body; and finished with hand-applied, 14K gold accent lines. The gold has been fired in the kiln and is still food and dishwasher safe. 
The Gold Accent Pitchers are food safe and dishwasher safe. Be careful, they can get hot! PLEASE do not microwave!!! Since the gold is metallic, it will spark!

These pitchers are handmade on a pottery wheel and fired in a kiln to cone 6 for durability. 
Since all items are handmade, slight variations in shape, size and glaze coverage/color may occur. These are not considered flaws, but rather, unique details that truly make each piece one-of-a-kind. Proudly made in AZ.

7-8 inches tall, 5 inches wide at base. 

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