Ceramic 14k Gold Cactus Mugs

Ceramic 14k Gold Cactus Mugs

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Nothing will warm you better than this cute cactus mug! Each mug is skillfully handcrafted and designed to fit perfectly into your hands and home. All exteriors are glazed with clear glaze, showing the beautiful, off-white clay body, and finished with hand-applied, 14K gold saguaro cactus. The gold has been fired in the kiln and is still food and dishwasher safe. 

PLEASE do not microwave! Since the gold is metallic, it will spark!

Used with love and treated with care, this ceramic mug will last a life time, eliminating the need for disposable kitchen items.  Proudly made in AZ.  
Since all items are handmade, slight variations in shape, size and glaze coverage/color may occur. These are not considered flaws, but rather, unique details that truly make each piece one-of-a-kind.

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