Stud Bead Wrapped Earrings 1
Stud Bead Wrapped Earrings 1

Stud Bead Wrapped Earrings 1

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These earrings feature one gemstone bead, your choice of Tiger's Eye, Dalmatian Stone, Green Aventurine, Yellow Jade, Impression Jasper, Terra Cotta Jasper, Howlite, and Goldstone. Each bead is wrapped in sterling silver or 14K gold filled wire, with a sterling silver or 14K gold filled earring back. Proudly made in AZ.   

Please note that these stone beads are natural, and they will have some variance in color and pattern.

Tiger's Eye is said to-
Protect the wearer, especially during travel
Stabilize and ground
Boost the solar plexus chakra

Dalmatian Stone is said to-
Remove disillusionment and helps the wearer to see their strengths and weaknesses
Ground the wearer with the earth and with reality
Promotes a sense of fun

Green Aventurine is said to-
Be one of the luckiest crystals, promoting opportunity, wealth, and prosperity
Help the wearer release negative patterns and move towards positive change

Jade is said to-
Bless those who wear it
Be a powerful healing stone
Yellow jade is brings us joy and energy

Jasper is said to-
Provide nurturing and healing to the wearer
Stabilize and ground
Help us to live in the present moment 
Connect us to nature
Promote spiritual connection

Howlite is said to-
Calm and ease anxiety
Teach patience
Ease anger and rage
Relieve insomnia
Bring in wisdom 

Goldstone is said to-
Help the wearer reach goals
Stabilize emotions
Be a stone of protection and healing
Strengthen the circulatory system

If you have any questions or concerns, please message us! We want each of our customers to end up with a piece that they love. 

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